Who we are

DOMINA is a company formed by organizational consultants and software developers, specialized in the design, development and implementation of information systems for the textile/clothing industry, aimed at the global computerization in a client and web server architecture, on ORACLE database.
Product and process innovation are considered by Domina key success factors, which looks at IT solutions as an indispensable tool. From here and from a deep and proven knowledge of production processes, with the support of technology, provides services, products and solutions that create value for its customers.

Domina claims about 60 installations in industry leaders in this sector, with the implementation of solutions that address the entire textile chain and could be applied to all production processes that it involves, helping to improve management efficiency and effectiveness of textile industry firms, through professionalism and a background of over 300 man/years.

In collaboration with industries, research centers and universities, Domina is coordinator or technical partner in several national and European research projects and is registered at the National Research Registry. Implemented technologies and applied areas involved are linked to the interests of the business areas of the company, in order to facilitate a direct transfer into products and projects for clients.

Domina has expanded its expertise with the awareness of who is leader in the textile field and want to become in other fields. In 2011, through the acquisition of a complementary business branch and the absorption of the relevant skills, Domina has further enriched its software offer, and now is able to satisfy different needs of horizontal markets. The warehouse management, as well as a quality control software and the experience accumulated over the years in the management and maintenance of diverse technology platforms now makes Domina an all-round software house, with undoubted specialization in textiles but with ever expanding horizons.
The flexibility of Domina and his constant dedication to the customer therefore represent the cornerstones of a entrepreneur entity that can look to the future with the consciousness to be part of it.

Technological evolution

Since 1998 Domina develops complete and integrated procedures oriented to the management of various industrial entities in the field of Textile / Clothing. The company’s philosophy reflects the specific will to offer a product that is easy to use. A constant analysis of the work and the approach of the user with the software guided the creation of all application packages that are offered by Domina.
Thus NOVA was born, a set of software packages very close to the mentality of the user, easy to understand and with a high degree of simplicity, which allow the have at one’s disposal an information system that is essential but complete for each sector of the Textile / Clothing.
Domina strengthens its offer constantly following the evolution of the technologies and programming tools, became Oracle Network Partner and, through the transition from the old tools to visual ones, DoT – Domina Textile is born: a comprehensive structured software environment designed to be a modern product with advanced management concepts.
At the same time of the evolution of development tools, the data base part as well has followed an innovation path, accumulating experiences and skills such as Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, Access, ADS, DB2.
The development activities that underlie the software offer have been and still are accompanied and supported by a massive research aimed at identifying and testing ever new technologies.
Thanks to the development of numerous research projects (either national and european) since 2000 Domina acquires and integrates in its offer software technologies such as RFID, Web Services, SOAP, Genetic Algorithms, CBR, Grids.
This allowed Domina to approach the market with increasingly advanced and innovative products that follow the evolution of information technology.
Currently the software packages are coping with the web, through applications developed in Java that can be sold not as a product but as a service able to operate even in iCloud systems.