Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness to the benefit of the timing

The continuous research of excellence and the fulfillment of every request of increasingly demanding customers are the primary goals of each industry, be it in the textile sector or in other areas.
The achievement of these objectives is particularly visible in the final phase of quality control.
Here every efficiency and inefficiency of production is enhanced and made visible to the operators. Looking at the production cycle of the fabric you can see how the textile industries are in a phase of continuous research and development of systems that increase the efficiency of the weaving area. Quality control management of fabrics that have been manufactured, processed or purchased is of paramount importance. This step has become necessary and obligatory, and given that it requires high timing, it needs tools that facilitate its processing.
The phase of fabric control, that is the activity of the quality control operator, covers a very important role in many business realities of the textile industry world (weaving, printing, dyeing, controllers). The quality control operator is responsible for the detection of fabric defects, for their registration and classification by entity, extent and heaviness. Dot.Quality aims to facilitate the difficult task of the quality control operator in his daily life thus helping to reduce the chances of error. Increase the quality for the benefit of the operator.

The automation of fabric quality control to facilitate the difficult task of the quality control operator

Dot.QUALITY is the system for the fully computerized and automated management of the inspection machines for quality control of tissue. The system, implemented on Client / Web Server environment, includes all the features necessary for the simple and easy creation of the complete documentation about the quality of the tissues and allows to reach numerous and substantial goals:
Fully computerized collection of data about defects of fabrics for each inspection machines, in real time and to the detriment of errors
Increase of productivity of the quality control operators, by eliminating the manual compilation of “report cards” that are organized and printed automatically.
Customer service with Web functionalities (synoptic of bench control)
Use of XML technology to import and export data with the customer
Drawing of technical specifications of fabrics to be checked through complete integration with the management software, without having to re-type them
This software allows to manage collected data using the modules and functions described below:
Research in the archive and launch of the pieces of fabric to be checked
Possibility of exchanging information with company computer system, thanks to the complete hardware compatibility
Check of the piece of fabric
Quality map of data related to the piece of fabric that has been checked
Fulfillment of data by adding more information customized on individual company.