The usefulness of a PDA is obvious: you can always take it with you and then always be able to work wherever you are. A concentrate of functionalities which likely in the future will be increasingly difficult to give up. The use of PDAs (with IrDA infrared port, or FIR / SIR infrared, serial connection, USB or Bluetooth) for reading bar codes enables the management and collection of data relating to the warehouse, or other departments. Each article in storage or work in the warehouse, identified by a label bearing a bar code, can be managed for loading and unloading operations. This is done simply by pointing with the PDA the bar code corresponding to the article you intend to move.
All data read from the PDA can be managed on the display (via a special pen) or directly acquired and imported on Domina’s management software. Depending on the selection made (type of operation that is intended to run) it will be able to display all the required information (yarn code, lot, package, slot, etc.), and to generate all the documents concerning the management, included the warehouse. The PDAs can be considered the bar-code readers of the latest generation because they integrate advanced data management features to the ability to optically read bar codes.

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The infrared port (IrDA or FIR / SIR Infrared) allows the packing of the bar codes and a Wi-Fi system based on wireless technology connects your PDA to the corporate data network. This dialogue with other data management systems allows the generation of all documents related to the chosen application (loading to warehouse, billing, inventory management, etc..) with related prints.
Another special application concerns the world of trade fairs. The use of these devices enables to capture customer orders, samplings, etc.. After data collection, these are transmitted via wireless to the workstation for further processing and printing of the document to be issued to the customer, with the transmission of the order to the sample department of the company. In this way, the waiting time and the possibility to lose information will decrease.
The fair will be prepared directly in the company by importing from the installed ERP the customers’ master data set, the customized lists and possible required print lay-out. In this way each agent at the fair, simultaneously with other staff, having a PDA, can manage its customers. This results into time savings and greater safety in the transfer of information. During or after the fair, all the inserted information can be transferred into the corporate database through XML interface, to obtain specific statistics, order amount and future production planning.