Dot.MAG is a completely computerized system for the management of operational logistic flow of materials in the production process. The system, created in Microsoft Office environment, can be integrated with the other procedures of business management. The introduction of the system allows the Company to achieve the following objectives:

  • Full visibility, in real time, of all materials, semi-finished products, finished products entering, transiting in and going out of the Company
  • Maximum information support to all department and factory managers, with extreme ease of use and adaptability of the system to the different needs; the architecture of the system on the network of personal computers allows a distributed allocation, more comfortable for all users
  • Integration of the logistics flow with the information flow, management of Milestones for the Production Advancement
  • Elimination of errors and repetitions, elimination of paper and subsequent writings, through automatic registrations wherever possible
  • Complete computerization of procedures for loading / unloading of Intermediate Warehouses, for Requirements Management, Raw Materials Warehouse & Schedule (optional)
  • The system can also be equipped with (in the case of internal production) the functions herein listed: Calculation of Machine Performance, Management of Cost Centers, Registration of process parameters, Registration of production advancements directly from the machines, Quality Management
  • The different stations (PC) of the system manage locally, in an ergonomic way, operations such as: identification of the material that is loaded via laser / RFID reader, the reception of the quantity, the printing of bar-code/RFID labels to be applied to the pallet, to the package or directly on products, reception of codes detected by laser readers (fixed or handheld), weighing, robot….