Dot.EXPO stands with each salesperson, during the presentation of the sample book, thanks to powerful technological tools now available to anyone. The module is a web platform that can be used through any browser, to manage orders of references and sample, specific of the textile world.
The peculiarity of the system is that it requires no special preparation (for example barcode applied to tissue samples) and then the agent is not bound to the presentation of a “finished” sample book.
In the case of fairs, without a guaranteed connection that allows a continuous interfacing with the corporate database, it is possible to create one locally on a laptop.
The aforementioned database will be used as a “container” of information during the event.
With internet connection it becomes a web application that resides on a remote server and can be used by PDAs, tablets and laptops.
The era of software installed on individual computers is over

Dot.EXPO module is fully integrated to corporate ERP and provides an interface between it and the world of sales. The same interface gives the seller an information base (product margin, stock availability, delivery times, tracking of any shipments) useful for the negotiation.
This module besides managing the classic sales price list based on product, age and possible discount, manages a differentiation that is based on quantity range, controlled by a marginal index that is determined by the knowledge of product variable costs.
This means that you can define different prices as the amount varies.
It is noted that from the new market paradigms, becoming more and more open and complex, you can reap huge benefits, with a company management that uses very detailed information, with greater range of mobility in the geographical distribution. Movement, information, research, access speed, expanding contacts, everything requires a simplified, flexible and customizable computer system, that has to be aside the whole business commercial network management.
This ensures a significant reduction in operating costs of companies, but also the steady increase of the need for ever greater flexibility and security computer tools.