Integrated software tailored for the textile industry, to manage and organize the company. It allows to transform the internal organization toward a streamlined and participatory type that can offer potential for growth, product quality, cost savings. Integration with the process, ease of use and speed are the strengths that allow the achievement of a fundamental aim: to manage complexity with simple tools. Mature and established product that improves the quality of work being based on modern philosophies of production planning, on innovative and advanced organizational ideas, on logics of process integration with the data of the management system. It aims to provide a complete software solution for monitoring and managing the entire production cycle, be it spinning, weaving or wool mill.
It is made of various forms, and it is based on a strong, structured core, that has been tested in various textile realities. From the detailed description of the technical characteristics of the products to their bill of material, the various functions of research and analysis of similarities.

The commercial part comes from the complete management of various types of orders, from the complete management of their traceability in order to quickly give a very precise response to the customer, thus becoming start-up of production decisions.
This is the core of the application. It is based on various set up situations, until the levels of the most significant details of the various processes.

Complete manager of all production stages, it is the real decisional engine in order to obtain a model as much rational and harmonious as possible, today completed by a tight integration with tools that evaluate and optimize the energy and environmental impact. The ability to have the complete control of production, starting from the need for raw material procurement, the warehouse levels, to the criticality of deliveries, until the shipment of finished products, gives users information completeness and great ease of use
The module dedicated to shipments ends the commercial – productive cycle, in turn becoming the engine for billing and accounting management

Upon completion, we can integrate modules such as credit limit management, fiscal warehouse management with assessments on lifo / fifo / pmp criteria and analysis of the profitability of sold products compared to the standard cost and to a commercial budget.
In addition, at any time you can decide to implement DoT.Erp with third-party packages and / or supplement it with other specific modules: industrial accounting, Cad / Cam and optical storage.