Dot.CAD module is designed to reproduce as closely as possible a tissue sample without having to weave it, in an intuitive and customizable environment design, helping those involved in the production and waste, trying to be as close as possible to the way they have to interpret creativity.
The major efforts have been then directed to the management of color and its encoding, starting from its acquisition by spectrophotometer, until the reproduction of simple or compound (melange, moulinè) yarn and the implementation of a realistic and effective tissue simulator, in a digital or in a printed way.
Accurate calibration of output devices allows the best replication fidelity regardless of the used tool.
The sample thus generated, can be saved in a test catalog, also useful as a source for the so-called “baptize”, or for the generation of tissues starting from samples rather than from pure management data.

Exploring new horizons

Through this application it’s possible to range over from the management of base tables (yarn appearance coefficients, basic types, combs, warp / weft note) to that of weave, from the definition of drawing-in to the development of cardboards; up to the interfacing with equipment and machinery in production (looms, drawer-in, warping).
Particular interest in Dot.CAD, is given to the technical paper, which thus turns out to be detailed and comprehensive; from that it will possible to generate all the consumption data and fabric data, that can be integrated directly into corporate databases, thanks to selective export of data in various formats, depending on customer specifications.
You can save the most significant tests resulting from the use of the technical paper on a table with the related construction data, so giving the possibility of further development and fine tuning.
The drawing is a preparatory environment for tissues / samples, where a free study that graphically simulates the color effects is done. The module integrates a suitable tissue management with their creation and immediate and flexible classification, without limit of warp and weft, also exportable in a virtual catalog published on the web, for the construction of virtual showcases or for the collaborative design jointly with consultants and customers