The optical storage module allows managing the entire lifecycle of documents, particularly payable invoices relating to all products and services that have been purchased and / or managed in an enterprise (raw materials, outside processing, accessories, and various products) and not only. Its aim is a correct and more agile management of documents, providing automation tools needed to perform various tasks through the different stages of the workflow. The ease of use makes it possible to establish lean and agile workflows, for the control of sign and of invoice payment. The software allows you to store in special folders all documents received in digital form or through special scanner to convert paper documents into electronic documents (bills, invoices, budgets, etc.), cataloging and storing them according to user-defined parameters.
The traceability and availability of any document by using multiple search keys is the strength of the product, combined with the streamlining of accounting operations, in the case of tax documents, with a significant reduction of time and errors.
The creation of a “digital customer / supplier dossier” fully managed by the system and accessible through any browser, allows better availability of information significantly reducing search times and the ability to extrapolate at any time statistics related to the characteristics of
stored documents, according to specifications set by the user.

Synchronism and warranty on the relations between tables

The whole Dot.ARCH package applies the principle of referential integrity. This identifies a set of rules of the relational model to ensure the integrity of the data when you have relationships associated with each other through external key. These rules are used to make valid associations between tables, and to remove insertion errors, deletion or modification of data connected to each other.
Dot.ARCH is the solution that offers to its customers an innovative, efficient and above all safe possibility to examine document images. The system is cost effective and allows you to browse through the desired search indexes the business documental archives by using the “network” technology. A true outsourcing of document images available at the click 24 to 24 hours by any division or company subsidiary, available to authorized users with login and password prior approval. Another added value is the ability to customize the search database according to the indexes and the desired conditions and to automatically generate statistical reports for the users.
The graphical interface that has been created uses, prior approval, logos and trademarks of the client company.
It is a service that can eliminate the problems of storage and availability of information.