Research & Development

“Do not follow the path: mark out a new one and leave your footprint to be followed” 

At the beginning of the third millennium there was a bit of anxiety. What would has happened? How we would have approached this world that seemed to change so quickly? We would still have managed to be a leading actor? Domina understood before others that we cannot adapt to changes, but we must be the architects of them, so in 2001 Domina’s adventure in R & D projects began. The course of events proved us right.

The drive for innovation has led to a situation of continuing instability, which has not been supported by many companies. But always, the best defense is attack. The proverbs say it, and even did it the venerable Sun Tzu, the historical strategist became famous for his “Art of War” that from a military compendium has become the new bible of corporate strategy. Today this dark warning means having the courage to dare, and to change.

But courage does not mean recklessness: carefully analyzing the possible scenarios we have confirmation of the need to be bold, but not naive. Economies open out, competition increases, resources are scarce. How we can address these issues with a coordinated strategy? Participation in R & D projects is the required solution, although not sufficient.
It is necessary to access funds otherwise unattainable, to focus on innovation by limiting the related risks, to forge international relations, to open new trade and cultural horizons, it is necessary to remain competitive. To grow further, rather than succumbing.

In the first place Europe, and later on the states, regions, public and private entities, each of these legal entities promotes some calls to finance the activities on their agenda, and Domina can help you to ride these opportunities, by bringing together the pioneering efforts of companies and the wishes of the various institutions.

Domina has developed expertise as rare as precious, thanks to which it has been present as a partner or coordinator in several national and European projects, has developed a network of contacts with companies, research centers and universities advanced in this area, and thus fully deserved to fit in with the business of innovation, as evidenced by the presence in the Registry of the National Research.

Domina is able to provide support services for companies that pursue innovation, research and development, particularly in the conduct of project analysis and planning, management, business plan, logistics, coordination of partnerships between companies, identification of opportunities offered by the institutions and procedures for the achievement of grants and loans.
In addition, the projects ended successfully and the experience accumulated over the years allow Domina to provide advice and technical assistance, especially related to the areas of planning, traceability, design and communication.

So why waiting longer? After all, as has Steve Jobs got to say, “Innovation is what distinguishes leaders from followers”…