Intelligence 2.0


Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid. Humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant. Together they are powerful beyond imagination.
(A. Einstein)

This explains why so much research. Domina is a software house, but it is made ​​of people. How to give substance to explosiveness and all the potential that is present within the company? The answer is cleverness 2.0, which is the union of the right and left side of brain, of creativity and calculation, intuition and memory. The combination of people and computers.
The research activities have sprung up within the people, who with their vision gave birth to ideas. Human intelligence.
From this trigger, research and development activities such as those mentioned in the following chapters have burst. Human intelligence combined with computational intelligence.
The circle is closed when you recognize the results obtained from these research projects as the same goals that you set in the planning stage of a project: the vision of the problem and its solution, consistently linked by a double strand of human and artificial intelligence .
It’s possible to summarize cleverness 2.0 in a universal concept: saving.
The word “saving” takes on a different meaning depending on the context in which it is used. But if we avoid to give positive or negative meanings and look at the substance of meaning, we come to understand the parallelism with less misunderstood concept: the optimal use of resources.
The time, money, labor, raw materials, they are all expensive and non-renewable resources … that’s why it is crucial to get the most! Cleverness 2.0 brings together the ideas and dreams of those who through entrepreneurial action seeks to realize these visions, which are all joint by this basic need.
It is not only an issue of competitiveness, but also sustainability, and common sense.
The saving, thus understood, is a double synonymous with cleverness. It comes from a human vision, but it is not a sterile desire because it acquires substance through the interaction with a fast and accurate calculation structure.
The following links are evidence of this path. In each of the directions toward which we moved we obtained results that allow savings to those who are part of these new worlds.
Gradually, but inexorably the cleverness 2.0 erodes the space occupied by the limits of a human mind, not much inclined to accuracy and speed. The company changes its face, and although remaining human acquires speed and accuracy, to the detriment of carelessness and for the benefit of all.

“If you add a bit to a bit, but you’ll do it frequently,
soon the little bit will become much”
[Esiodo, Le opere e i giorni, VIII sec. A.C.]