Organization and Logistics

DOMINA is a company that comfortably operates in the landscape of today’s market. It is formed by organizational consultants and software programmers and, thanks to the dynamism of its staff and to the leanness of its organizational structure, succeeds in addressing the challenges of innovation with expertise and timeliness, thus deserving rights to a leading role among its competitors, because it is able to quickly offer innovative and customized solutions to its customers

Born in the Biella textile sector environment, has gained specific knowledge of this area that earned unanimous acknowledgement by the companies with whom it worked, as witnessed by several installations at sector leader industries.
DOMINA’s offer then broadened to other sectors, offering to customers companies first and foremost a “modus operandi” making them more responsive to changes and able to adhere to the more attractive initiatives, without having to overturn their corporate and operative structure.
These features are the cornerstones of a company which may look to the future with an awareness of being member of it, with the strength of those who are leaders in fields against which they measured, and can confidently look to other horizons, certain to be able to land to other sectors as a winner.

DOMINA is specialized in the design, development and implementation of information systems, aiming at global computerization in client and web server architecture, on ORACLE/ SQL server data-bases. Its software offering is constituted by several modules, wrapping up many textile company needs, solutions that “dress” companies with the same accuracy than a garment made up with the art of handmade sewing.

DOMINA thus developed a considerable know-how and testimony of this excellence are the numerous appearances as a coordinator or technical partner in several national and European research projects, which have led, in addition to undoubted economic benefits, to the esteem by industries, research centers and universities with which it worked over the years , thus creating an invaluable network of contacts, prelude to future synergies on which to build a successful future.